Wire Crochet 4 Part series in the works

With traffic as it’s been, I’ve decided that putting together a series for Wire Crochet enthusiasts is warranted.  I’ll be following that series up with one for knitting wire shortly.

I began working on a piece last evening which will hopefully become a part of the projects list I’ll be introducing – for those who may be new to crocheting I’d like to point you to a site that might assist you to become comfortable with some of the basics you’ll need to get started.  The site hookandneedles.com has several good videos on the basic stitches including Chain Stitch which is used for most foundations and will be a must know for this series.  A search on places like youtube.com can get you up to speed quickly.

I’d recommend that you begin with a larger hook and thicker yarn (stay away from ones such as Alpaca, eyelash or mohair! – tangle, tangle, knot!).  As you become more proficient you can reduce the yarn and go down to a cotton used for crocheting/knitting baby items or one that is used to make things like dish clothes, reducing the size of your needle as well and then dropping down to a cotton crochet cord such as the kind used to make intricate doilies.  Any craft store should be able to provide you with a wide selection of yarns and crochet cottons.  The idea will be to reduce your needle until you are able to easily work with the thinner cotton cord and a 1.60mm crochet hook.

I’ll be providing projects that involve 3-4 different sized wire from #28 to #32 – the #28 wire will still be relatively easy to manage for new crocheters but I suspect the higher gauge (thinner) wires will be left for Intermediate to advanced crocheters –I’m working on a #30 gauge wire project that I started last evening – as I’ve crocheted for some time I don’t find this difficult to work with but a new crocheter may.

…and now for the Hook – pun intended

As the 4 part Crochet wire series ends, in about a month’s time, I thought it would be fun to uncover all the talent that will be out there – by having a little challenge to finish off the series.  I won’t leak too many details just yet as I have to finalize a few things first, but let’s just say that there is a “prize” at the end and perhaps even an opportunity for the winner to garner a little something extra from the deal.

Busy, busy but here’s how things will shape up

Jan 7 – Barring any unforeseen interruptions I will endeavor to have the first Part of the 4 part series posted by nlt midnight – but hopefully well before that

Jan 14 – Part 2 should be posted

Jan 21 – Part 3

Jan 28 – Part 4 and the final announcement that will explain the “hook” I mentioned above.

Feb 28 – I’ll announce the winner and also the date the Knitting with wire series will begin

Now with that said…

I am a Freelance writer and I do a lot of work on “demand” so I can’t determine from one hour to the next whether I will have deadlines that will supersede my other endeavors but as I usually work well into the wee hours anyway – I am hoping that I will be able to put everything together as I foresee it without too much difficulty.

So, with fingers crossed – I’ll be finishing up Part 1 for publishing later today (Jan 7) and in the meantime brush up on your crochet 😉


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